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Sunday, 29th November 2020

Recruitment opportunities

The programme provides a valuable opportunity to meet key contacts for recruitment purposes.

Each element of the programme (ie. workshop, presentation, case study briefing or visit) is hosted by a different company, and therefore you will be able to meet key executives from them and discuss career options either during a working session or at a social activity. Representatives from these companies will be holding interviews for selected graduates in the weeks following the Summer School.

In addition, there are recruitment possibilities within the wider IDM network of companies.

The following companies have recruited graduates of the IDM Summer School:-


archibald ingall stretton…
Cancer Research UK
EHS Brann
Hall Moore CHI
Mike Colling
MRM Worldwide
Partners Andrews Aldridge

Proximity London
Reynolds Busby Lee
RMG Connect
Sony (Paris)
The Marketing Store
Tullo Marshall Warren

"It is becoming increasingly important to differentiate yourself in the current climate, especially when applying for jobs in such a competitive industry. The IDM Summer School certainly does that, in many ways.

Firstly, it gave me an understanding about the industry that proved invaluable in follow up applications and interviews. Employers value the fact that you understand what working for an agency is really about.

Secondly, it gave me the opportunity to network with people in top London agencies that I would otherwise never get to meet. As such, I could ensure that my C.V was one of the few that actually got read in agencies.

Finally, it proves to employers that you are not only serious about direct and digital marketing, but you also have the skills and personality to do well in it. As one MD pointed out to me, the IDM application form and assessment centre saves agencies from doing their own recruitment process by providing a pool of talented young marketers for them to get to know.

Of course every agency is different in their recruitment, and many prefer to offer work experience as a first step. However, this itself is a massive achievement and will boost your CV even further.

Overall, I would recommend to anyone looking to work in marketing, particularly agency side, to apply for the summer school as it opened doors to me that definitely were not open a few months ago."

Ryan Deluchi, Graduate Account Executive, TEQUILA\ London







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